(Hard to read the image, but this email was sent on Monday August 17th 2020 at 11:00 AM PST)


I’d like to speak to someone with the authority to assist me today and get this all cleared up. I’m beyond frustrated with this situation becoming so complicated. What started as a request to upgrade my purchase to a better unit, has become one of the biggest customer service headaches I’ve had since dealing with Comcast (and that’s well over 5 years ago).
I’ve waisted so much time trying to resolve this should-be simple issue.
I’ve now taken more time to throughly document all the events so please grant me the respect of your time in return.
Here’s a summary:
On Thursday August 13th around 2:30 PM (PST), I placed an order for a portable air conditioner (order 17786703).
On Thursday August 13th, just a few hours later, I decided my needs required a better unit. Since it was already after hours on the east coast, I used the online live chat.
I inquired about my order, explaining that I’d like to upgrade and if it was possible to just pay the difference and upgrade (change the order) to the item I wanted.
It was explained that it wasn’t possible to do, so the procedure was to cancel the order and I’d receive a cancellation email.
Friday morning August 14th, I woke up and didn’t see any emails confirming the cancelled order.
At 6:12 AM (PST) I called customer service and spoke to a woman (didn’t get a name) and she looked up the order, confirmed that it was cancelled and explained that they were waiting for paperwork from the shipping department. That didn’t make sense, but again I took the word of the employee that the order was cancelled.
At 6:20 AM (PST) I called sales to order the unit that better suited my needs. I spoke to Abel Cuevas (order 17788356). I also went into detail of the situation and wanted to be assured that the original order was cancelled because I didn’t want 2 units showing up at my door.
At 8:56 AM (PST) on Friday, I received a text notification that my original order was shipped. 
At 9:03 AM (PST) I tried calling the main GLOBAL number (several times) and kept getting disconnected.
I then contacted Abel Cuevas, explained that I was still receiving confirmations of my first order. Because I called him direct, he couldn’t connect me with customer service.
After several more attempts of trying GLOBAL and getting disconnected, I called Able back at 9:08 (PST). He informed me that the phone system was having issues and he’d send out an email and cc me.
At 9:09 AM (PST) I received an email notification that my first order was on its way.
At this point, I’m sure you can understand my frustration.
The GLOBAL phone line was still not working so I went to the online chat. (I have a copy of the transcript if interested).
I explained (typed) my situation AGAIN, gave the order number, and was assured ONCE AGAIN that my order was cancelled.
At 9:36 AM (PST), I received a call from Abel Cuevas telling me whoever I spoke to, cancelled the recent order – not the first order.
At this point GLOBAL now has a hold on my bank funds for over $7,000.
Abel explains my only option is to place another order.
I’m sorry. At this point, my experience and TRUST in GLOBAL is zero.
I’m still willing to give my business to GLOBAL, but there’s not a chance that I’m ok with GLOBAL now tying up over 10K on my bank card.
This is beyond unacceptable and should be a case study for GLOBAL (and any business class) of what not to do to attract a new customer.
Sunday August 16th at 8:08 AM (PST) I received another shipping confirmation via text letting me know that my item would be delivered  tomorrow (8/17)
So at 8:40 AM on a Sunday, I jumped online and went to the GLOBAL live chat (AGAIN), went through the whole motion again, this time to only be told that I’d have to wait and contact customer service the following day. (I also have this transcript)
Why does GLOBAL have an online chat if it’s doing more damage to your reputation than good?
I’d love to hear from somebody at GLOBAL with authority that can actually make this right.
Id love to place an order for a Kwikool Portable Air Conditioner KPAC2421-2 – 2 Ton, 22,900 BTU (item #: B2094887)
But, I’m not willing to let GLOBAL leave over $7,000 held on my bank card. Please work with accounting, release the funds, call me, and I’ll place an order.
There are several updates to this: I did receive 2 emails from customer service apologizing for the inconvenience and to refuse shipment if a truck shows up to my company. The attempted deliver was made Tuesday Aug 19 at 11:30 AM PST.
As of today, Aug 19 2020 at 10:00 AM PST, I have a charge on my bank card for $3,166.78 for an order I had been assured was cancelled AND a hold on my bank card for $3,417.74 for the item I was hoping would be in my warehouse by now.
I just don’t understand why at this point, GLOBAL can’t charge me the difference of the new unit and get things in motion. I’m really going above and beyond by trying to be patient, but the lack of response is pushing my limits.
Here is my personal cell phone number:


Tom Campana


o – 818 856 4335 Ext. 101